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Have your car valued at Classic Event

The most important reasons for having a car valued are

- to have a valuation reference in case of damage
- In the context of a comprehensive (hull) insurance of a vehicle
- as an aid to the sale of a car

In each of these cases, it is in the interest of all parties involved that the value is correctly determined. This is best done by an independent and recognised expert with experience in the field.

When drawing up a valuation report, the expert makes an extensive visual check of the vehicle, the on-board documents and all the documents submitted by the owner with regard to the history, maintenance, repairs and restoration of the vehicle. Based on this information and taking into account the current market and trends, the expert determines the current value of the vehicle. During Classic Event, the valuations will be done by Mr. Gert Beets of Classic Car Survey. Classic Car Survey is the reference in the field and specializes in classic cars, youngtimers and modern exotics. 

Having your car valued is only possible on reservation.
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